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the glad tidings. >> yes. behind me here as we look toward the washington monument nothing but sunshine showing up in the sky and we have a lot of sunshine which means temperatures will be going up, really far today. here we are. 31 degrees. we made our jump with that sunshine. no wind chill because we don't have any winds. dew point shows it is pretty dry outside. things we will be covering this morning, nice and sunny for today and tomorrow. temperatures warmer than they have been. the last 40-degree day. that came new year's day. last 50-degree day was the day after christmas. so we have a good first half of the weekend to talk about, too. a few things to cover right now. get you caught up on the roadways with patranya bhoolsuwan. >>> okay. let's get some traffic. we have an accident on 95 right now at southbound 198. take a look. oh, look it's clear. live breaking news. the accident on 198 is clear but we are seeing traffic heading toward the beltway. jump on the outer loop and you can so it is basically a parking lot here on 93 from 193. 95 to 270 to the american legion very heavy
this year. the senate shot down the idea just yesterday. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >>> you can watch the state of the union address live tonight on channel 9. coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. with the president's speech followed by the republican response and then you can get more reaction on 9 news now at 11:00 and at >>> toyota has halted the sale of eight of its most popular models. the move is aimed at keeping consumers safe from accelerator pedals which can stick and force the car to speed up unintentionally. the affected models are -- this is after a recall involving 5 million vehicles with the same flaw or one in which floor mats caused the accelerator to get stuck. toyota is also halting production of the vehicles in several plants. >> it seems to be an unprecedented decision for a company to stop selling cars in order to adjust a safety issue. >> having a car go out of control at any minute is not a very pleasant idea. >> they'll fix it before they give it to me. >> it is certainly something to take seriously. no question about it. >> reporter: if you own one of
, it's time he starts to listen to the american people. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >> you can see much more about the state of the union and the gop response including complete transcripts at there you can also cast your vote in our web pole about the speech. >>> the president and vice president will announce $8 billion in grands to develop high speed rail service. $112million is slatedder the washington to boston corridor and 620 million is earmarked for the raleigh to washington line. it was approved as part of the economic stimulus package last year. >>> metro board members are meeting trying to decide how to deal with a $40 million short fall. there are currently four proposals on the table including adding three minutes to the wait times between trains or simply increase wait times for late-night riders five to ten minutes and another option would be to eliminate to 31 bus lines and the last is a ten cents fare charge. we asked riders who proposals they preferred. >> increased fares. >> why? >> because i think the service is necessary for everyone to be abl
>>> a new era today, the washington redskins prepare to introduce their new coach, mike shanahan. good morning. thank you for joining us. today is wednesday, january 6th. it's another cold morning. howard bernstein has the forecast. >> we've had flurry activity, enough to put a little coating down. we saw it in fairfax county, moving south, upper air disturbance squeezing out snow flakes moving south right now. it has moved generally south of the district. doppler tracking the flurries, snowshowers, waning somewhat here. they are going down into stafford county. it's grayer, not as white as it was earlier when it was up here. there you go. we're losing some of that action, some intensity of the snowfall. enough to put a dusting down, we see it in charles county, riverside, coming into colonial beach. we'll talk temperatures this morning which have been around 30. that's not so bad after where we've been. teens in the mountains. snow on the way tomorrow night, more about the clipper when i see you in a few minutes. 9:01, it's time for angie. >> time for me to deliver the condition
and martinsburg and right now in the teens to mid-20s. 25 here in washington. we are going in the low to mid- 30s. more clouds this afternoon and maybe flurries. the good news is not too windy at all. speaking of good news, angie, do you have any? >> i do in the sense we don't have anything major going on right now. no major roads are closed at the time. but we want to start with video from earlier. this is crews out in mclean, virginia earlier. this water main break is something we see with cold temperatures like this. it sat the intersection of mcgarrity and griffith and they are taking away lanes as needed. a live shot. 395 northbound is still a slow ride. backing up here from the beltway to king street. i'm estimating that drive time at 15 minutes. keeping it moving, we have it bumper-to-bumper on 66 eastbound from 50 to the beltway. no incidents or accidents. that's not the situation going westbound at route 50. we are crash activity on the right shoulder. this is something new too. head over to maryland. 270 and shady grove road. an accident is adding to the delay that starts at 37 -- 370 a
. washington fire and ems working the blaze also found a body on the rocks near rock creek underneath the m street bridge. pepco, haz mat crews have responded to the scene. the fire caused heavy smoke to rise in this area. >> this type of fire can be toxic, so as a precaution, we did close off pennsylvania avenue to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. in the pennsylvania avenue along the rockcreek parkway, in the vicinity of the m street overpass when they came across a body. an adult male was at the base of the bridge down along the rock creek. of course medics were called in to assess the situation, rescue squad was brought in and we extricated that victim to the street level. >> right now, rock creek parkway is shut down between calvert street and the kennedy center. the bridge here is also closed to vehicles and pedestrians as a precaution. you can access southbound rock creek parkway at k street. we have some major traffic issues in this area. traffic is backed up on k street. if you are headed in this area, plan ahead and be safe out there. we are live in northwest washington, 9news now
and yellow. >> let's have somebody break it down, man. >> hip, hip. >> that ray. >> washington fell into a 2-6 slide into the second half of that debut season. >> i just feel like the worst coach in america. >> reporter: the off season brought hope. 2009 began the way 2008 ended. >> we have high expectations and losing creates thoughts. >> reporter: the theory many believed is the second year of the five year contract would be his last, despite unwaivering support from his players. >> it is definitely not one person. >> after an embarrassing loss management no longer believed his ability to run the offense. stripping him of the duties and hiring lewis who went to calling the plays. some of the guys weren't sure who he was. >> he accepted the decision but he never liked it. >> if it is really the play calling i'm ready to try it. >> they gave him an endorsement for the remainder of the season. new general manager was noncommittal about zoran's long- term prospect. >> we will discuss the future. >> reporter: but he no longer had one here in washington. the first major decision became firing th
on 210 at fort washington road. wrap it up with a 26-minute commute on 66 to get you from 123 to the capital beltway. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. >>> an early morning house fire in rockville, maryland has left three people injured including a firefighter. it happened 6:30 at a two-story home near glen nora park. kristin fisher is live with more on the investigation. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is the house right here. you can clearly see the fire is now out but as you mentioned three people were injured in the blaze this morning. two residents. one refused treatment and the other was take on the the hospital with minor burns and a firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries but no one was seriously injured here this morning thankfully. >> mom was screaming, john! john! john! i was like what the heck is going on. >> hanna moon woke up to a fire inside of their home. >> freaking out mostly. and really scared. so i got, i started to cry really bad and i was like oh my god. >> reporter: hanna's cousin came to her rescue and h
anything new but tell you what. washington wants a guy who has done it before. somebody who will walk in the doors here at redskins park and shake things up. the redskins fundamentally believe that mike shanahan is the one who will bring out the best in these players. and lead them to more victories than losses. mike shanahan has two super bowl rings with the denver broncos. he spent two years with the raiders. he now is on the brink of accepting the third head coaching position if redskins owner dan snyder comes to an agreement and does it before another nfl team intercepts the leading prospect. and the redskins have publicly admitted the franchise has taken an aggressive approach to turn the team around after a disappointing season squeezing out over four victories. drawing shanahan in the nation's capital in a private jet triggers a sense of urge ji and talks that -- urgency and talks that must be in works. and bruce allen denied talking about the successor when most knew shanahan was en route to washington. allen did make it clear, they will bring in a true leader. >> we need to f
in washington and that's i think the democrats are going to see more of this to come in november if they don't start to change the message from washington. that's what is going on here. a national deal and nothing to do with martha coakley. >> reporter: what happens to martha coakley at this point? she has the same job as you in massachusetts. what happens to her now. >> we got elected at the same time and both up for re- election this november. she will put herself on the ballot and is popular amongst the democrats in massachusetts. i imagine she wouldn't have a primary challenge but this could taint her. what washington is doing is throwing the blame on her and making her somehow seem like a bad person when she rose through the ranks as one of the most respected ags in the entire country. she is in charge of tobacco litigation which is one thing that got ags on the map. i think she will be fine. being a woman candidate is a dicey deal any way but i think she will survive that. >> let's talk about you. you are up for re-election. what's your thinking right now? >> i think it is a wakeup cal
.n. peacekeepers trying to make sure everyone who needs help is getting it. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >>> this morning i interviewed lieutenant commander, a neurologist from bethesda, maryland who was born in haiti. he is on the u.s. comfort heading back to his homeland to help in this mission. we are joined from the usns comfort ship. thank you for speaking with us. testimony us what you know about the fate of your family members in haiti, those who are still there. >> well, my family members, my close family members are actually all doing well right now. i have aunt and uncle who i am very close to who were in buildings that were shattered during the earthquake but they live outside of port-au-prince. i have a cousin who took a few days for us to find her and when we found her she was found under the rubble, brick and other things like that and pulled out. but when they pulled her out, although she was stuck she was not harmed, not physically harmed. so we are happy habit that. >> this mission is very personal for you. talk about what you are going to be doing. you are a neurologis
abroad who sent $2 billion every year. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >> our scott broom is on the usns comfort. join us all week long for his reports. you can also see his reports on our website at >>> our next guest is on the mission on captiol hill involving haitian orphans. craig has adopted three children from haiti. he tells his story in the book both ends burning and thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for including me this morning. >> you were telling me you adopted your three children four years ago and at that same time you founded an organization, chances for children and tell us about the mission and why you adopted the story. >> it is a long story which is why i wrote the book in the first place. we were living the good life, what i thought was the good life, i retired early, playing golf, skiing, traveling and it was great for a year or 0 two but then i started to just question what is the honest measure of my work? there has to be more to life than that. so i went to haiti and because it was the polar opposite of the lifestyle that t
and it is talking about washington, d.c. as one of the top cities, the washington, d.c. area is one of the top cities to buy property. with so much coming and going an the government changes, it is proving to be a very, very good time to buy. >> are we seeing home sales rise as well, not just the availability of homes is there but for the seller that the price is going up a bit. >> yes, we do see that. the inventory is down and therefore houses are going very quickly. we are seeing in a couple of days bidding wars and that is taking the price up. >> the first-time home buyers credit and also the repeat buyer tax credit, other incentives. >> very much so. you need to have a contract in place by april 30th and settle by june 30th. and, you know, the market is very busy. >> all right. and dan, you have some words of timely interest as well with the fha and they need to act. tell us about the deadline and what's this all about? >> fha, which has become an incredibly popular program. if you went back four or five years ago it was very limited in our area and now it is a large part of our business,
to get to including a new report including a washington wizard and his teammate. >>> we have cloudy skies and not at lot of sunshine. it has been damp. we saw fog but the visibility is improving. we have come up from the zero at manassas to 2 miles there and nothing below a half meijer mile which is the case in martinsburg. the temperature is dicey. 33 degrees. winds are calm. there will be some icy patches on untreated secondary roads. maybe the front sidewalk or stairway this morning. so please be careful. as the day wears on we will go in the low 40s with clouds breaking late. tomorrow it is all about the windy weather and i will have the details of the next seven when i see you. patranya bhoolsuwan has the scoop this morning. >> 201 a is kick off cold and icy. especially on the roadway. 50 westbound on the bay bridge blocking the right lane because of the icy conditions. use caution and lower your speed as you head to annapolis. another area that is dealing with ice right now is in howard county. route 32 is shut down 95 an old columbia road. salt truck is on the scene trying to clear
washington this afternoon. >>> finally good news to report from the devastated island nation of haiti. >>> it is mind over money friday. we have five experts on hand to take your questions. the number to start to dial right now is 202-432-9045. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is friday, january 22nd. we want to remind you there are a number of delays and closures in our region from the morning weather. you can find them at the bottom of the screen throughout the show and they are at our website at . >>> as we said, this is a mind over money friday. our experts are here, ready to take your calls. i'd like to introduce you to them right now. atlanta ross is here with help saving for college. harvey is talking taxes. and joe gallagher is on retirement planning and call mr. griffin if you are facing foreclosure or deep in credit card debt. the number to call is 202-432- 9045. >>> the man of the hour, howard bernstein with a look at the day's forecast. >> let's get through this morning and we will get a break this afternoon. starting mes
. the "washington post" is reporting the united medical center, once known as greater southeast community hospital, is facing a $20 million deficit. this comes even after dc leaders provided $79 million to help to keep the facility open. the dc council is currently looking for a new owner to the hospital. >> vincent gray is chairman of the council. he is joining us this morning. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> i want to ask you about the impact of the nih providing $26 million plus for testing and treatment for testing of dc residents for hiv and aids. >> i think it is good news. the second bit of good news we have had in the last few days they will work with us to improve our response to hiv and aids. this infusion of dollars will help to increase our testing, counseling and education capacity in the district of columbia. as you indicated we know that 3% of our population is affected and may be as high as 5% and we have what many regard as an epidemic in the district of columbia and we have to be able to increase our outreach to people and help them to understand this condition has n
, frederick and up towards carol county you might still have a flurry or two moving through washington but that is going to be just a flurry or two. that major snow down south will stay out of our area. one look at the seven-day forecast, yes, after a brutally cold weekend, more subfreezing temperatures, single digits, wind chills. all that good stuff. warmer temperatures moving our way next week 40s, maybe 50s. notice how yesterday if you were out and about, i know you were, 30 degrees no wind seemed warm yesterday. >> it really did. >> felt great. >> 40s, that is like heaven. >> 50 would be like 80. >> what do we have to do this weekend. football >> that is it for us. the next news is at noon with jc and devon. see you on monday. >> tgif ring ring ring ring. progresso. i reached my weight goal thanks to you so i am ready to get back out there. alright. that's great. congratulations. it was pretty easy with the soups you make. i want to thank you for 100 calorie hearty chicken rotini. well, it's not just me. humble. i like that. thanks. you're so funny. i like you. i... sshh.... [ mal
inquiry commission holds a hearing in washington tomorrow. the new york times calls it this century's equivalent to the investigation in to the 1929 market crash. with me now is jim mctague for barons weekly. what do we make of this inquiry commission? >> well, you know, they compare themselves with the decorum commission that ran from 1931 to 1933 and generated something like 22 to 28,000 pages of testimony. so, whether this will run for years, i don't know. but it would probably take years to get to the true causes of the crisis. i think this is really show business to try to satisfy the vigilante instinct in the public. >> reporter: looking back at history, did that commission give us any definitive answers as to the reasons for the ' 29 crash. >> yes. i just talked to a lawyer in florida, by the way, who's collected all of the testimony and put it on-line. it's not available to the public yet. because of those hearings congress drafted an act which separated banking from securities and kept the banks from gambling on wall street. so in the ' 90s, our policymakers on captiol hill
york and washington deluxe. big signs at union station will point you in the right direction. eleanor holmes norton is said to be there to welcome early travelers. >>> a new way to move around dulles airport. the aero-train is scheduled to be up and running. which means no more riding the mobile lounges. it is part of the multibillion dollar d-2 dulles project. >>> it is 9 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. it's three days like you've never experienced. it changes you. you can't be the same after you do the event. the 3-day is inspiring. ♪ whoa, she's a pink warrior i felt strong at the end, like--like i had conquered something. (woman) it's 60 miles of feeling invincible. "mom, you did it. you did it." she said, "you're my hero." (man) register today for the susan g. komen 3-day for the cure, the boldest breast cancer event in history. visit the3day.orgto request your informational dvd and receive a free promise ring. ♪ got an army of angels marchin' around with her ♪ (woman) we're bold. we're crazy. we're doing something out of the ordinary. i wa
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